Twitch has released short experimental film “Pandemic Vampire”, as well as an EP to coincide with the film release!

Here’s a little bit about the movie: 

“Pandemic Vampire” was conceived in mid-October 2020! We were missing a lot of the vampire movies… and it seems as though there really hasn’t been anything good, in quite some time. We were in the middle of celebrating 31 days of Halloween… and we started a new song… that would be titled “Pandemic Vampire”! After a phone discussion with sometimes bandmate Mark Gray… we came up with the idea to do a short experimental film… that was vampire themed… and that there might be some original, and instrumental versions of songs off of “Darkness_Rise!” attached to it. Then in late November, after finishing another experimental music video… that evening, being that the weather was amazing, we went out, when it was dark… to a nearby graveyard.

There have been folktales here of a vampire that wandered the graveyard… we tried to find that vampire…

You can watch the film here, and you can purchase the EP here!