“Pacific Rim”

Well, this evening I just watched “Pacific Rim” the Guillermo del Toro directed movie! I honestly wasn’t expecting much out of it… I thought it might be a cheesy Mecha Battle movie or something like that… I was actually wrong. This movie is great! I thought they were moving through the beginning really quickly and there would be no character development, but I was fuckin wrong. The character development happens in a lot of the action scenes, when the characters “Drift” into their mech battle partners mind, so that they can control the giant mecha together. You learn about the characters, their back story… as well as the invading aliens as the scientists figure out a way to get into the aliens mind.

The movie is a science-fiction action movie through and through… and there is action throughout most of the movie, which was kind of a nice change from the other stuff I’ve been watching lately… different pace, and the story keeps you on your feet.

I really enjoyed this movie, and I would highly recommend checking it out, if you’re looking for giant mecha battles and shit! Kind of like a live action Gundam Wing style movie.

Here is the IMDB info for the movie!

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